Prahova Surani district

Prahova Surani is a district in Romania located in the south-central part of the country’s Prahova County. It is made up of the small towns of Barsesti, Surani, Ciolpani, and Scoarta and covers an area of approximately 55 square miles. The district is home to a variety of cultural and historical landmarks, with many attractions still steeped in tradition. Nature lovers will appreciate the local forests, which are rich in mammal and bird species. Those looking for more urban attractions can visit the local churches, museums, and markets. Prahova Surani is a great place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.
the Prahova River is located is located in the south of the Prahova county in Romania. It borders the counties of Ilfov, Buzau and Dâmbovița. It is home to its administrative centre, Ploiesti. It is situated along the middle and upper Prahova River and contains the resort of Sinaia and the spa of Sinaia, as well as the ski resort of Azuga. This district borders the regions of Muntenia, Transilvania and Oltenia. It has 34 settlements, with a total population of 115,490 (2016 census).

To get to Prahova Surani district, you can travel by car, bus, train, or plane. If you have access to a car, the easiest way to get there is to drive. Depending on where you are located, it could take anywhere from an hour and a half to several hours to reach the district. If you do not have access to a car, you can take a bus or a train. There are various bus companies that offer services to and from Prahova Surani district. Additionally, trains can be taken from different major cities to get to Prahova Surani. Lastly, the closest airport to the district is the Bucharest International Airport, which offers flights to and from different cities.

1. Dimitrie Ghika Palace – Located in the city of Ploiesti, in the Prahova Surani district, this palace is an important example of Neo-Romanian architecture and hosts numerous cultural events throughout the year.

2. Peleş Castle – Located in the village of Sinaia, in the Prahova Surani district, this former summer residence of King Carol I of Romania was built in the Neo-Renaissance style and is open to visitors.

3. Sotrile Monastery – Founded in 1519, this monastery is home to some of the oldest and most beautiful frescoes in the region and is located in the village of Sotrile in the Prahova Surani district.

4. Bellu Manor – Built in the 19th century and located in the Prahova Surani district, the Bellu Manor houses the Bellu National Museum, dedicated to the collections of the distinguished Romanian painter Nicolae Grigorescu.

5. Trivale Monastery – Built in the 17th century, this monastery is located a few kilometers away from Ploiesti in the Prahova Surani district and is a popular destination for religious tourisms and for visitors who want to explore the local architecture.

1. Valenii de Munte
Valenii de Munte is a city located in the Prahova County of Romania. It is a beautiful and serene place to explore. This city is known for its traditional style churches and monasteries, as well as its charming cobblestone streets and many awesome monuments. Tourists can explore the city’s various old fortifications and picturesque parks, or take a trip to nearby nearby resorts located on the lake or in the mountains.

2. Prahova Valley
The Prahova Valley is a natural wonder of Romania, located in the Prahova County. This is also the largest ski resort in the country and one of the most popular destinations for both locals and international tourists alike. Here, visitors can explore the towering peaks, enjoy skiing and mountaineering, go on a nature walk or simply soak up the natural beauty.

3. Bran Castle
Bran Castle, located in the Prahova County of Romania, is a 12th century castle that has long been associated with the famous vampire, Count Dracula. Though the original castle no longer stands, the castle’s ruins have been turned into one of Romania’s most popular tourist attractions. Visitors can explore the castle’s winding passages and chambers, see its exquisite artifacts, and learn about its history and legends.

4. Sinaia Ski Resort
The Sinaia Ski Resort is one of Romania’s most popular winter destinations. Located in the Prahova County of Romania, the resort offers its visitors a range of powdery slopes, perfect for skiing and snowboarding. As well as skiing and snowboarding, visitors can also take part in a range of other activities such as paragliding and bungee jump, or simply relax in the resort’s spa and wellness centre.

5. Neamt Monastery
Neamt Monastery, located near the city of Prahova in the Prahova County of Romania, is one of the oldest and most important monasteries in the country. The monastery is known for its elaborate interior and brightly colored frescoes, as well as its collection of ancient manuscripts and books. Visitors can explore the monastery and learn about its history and customs, or simply admire its architecture.

6. Bucegi Natural Park
Bucegi Natural Park, located near Prahova in Romania, is a stunning mountain range and one of the largest protected areas in Romania. Here, visitors can explore the many hiking trails, admire the magnificent views, marvel at the diversity of flora and fauna found in the park, or simply just relax and take in the peace and tranquility of this beautiful area.

Prahova Surani district, located in Romania, is an ideal vacation spot for those wanting to enjoy mountainside activities. In the winter months, tourists can explore the White Valley ski resort which offers skiing, snowboarding, and tobogganing. During the summer months, tourists can enjoy hikes around the stunning mountains, explore nature reserves and for those seeking an adrenaline rush, climbing and rafting opportunities await. Other outdoor pursuits include mountain biking, golf, horse-riding and more. Cultural attractions in the area include historic fortresses such as the Poenari Citadel and numerous churches, monasteries, and traditional villages. Of course, no visit to the region is complete without sampling the local cuisine, enjoying the home-made wines, and visiting nearby thermal baths.

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