Prahova Sinaia district

Prahova County is located in central Romania and is bordered by Dambovita County in the north, Brasov County in the northeast, Covasna County in the east, Buzau County in the south, Arges County in the southwest, and the Ilfov County to the west. The county is famous for its many resorts, including the city of Sinaia, which is one of Romania’s best-known tourist destinations. It is here that “King” Carol I of Romania had his summer residence, now called the Peles Castle, included on the list of world heritage sites. Other resorts in the Prahova County are Azuga, Busteni, Campina, Sinaia, Predeal and Poiana Tapului.In terms of most important cultural institutions, the county is home to the dramatic theatre in Ploiesti, the National Academy of Music and the National Museum of History in Sinaia.
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Prahova is a county in Romania located in the central part of the country. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Romania, known for its mountain resorts, ski slopes, and resorts in the surrounding area. The most important cities in the county are Brasov (the county capital) and Sinaia, a popular mountain resort located in the county’s southern part. Other large towns include Azuga, Busteni, Campina, Ploiesti, and Targsor. The county is bordered by the counties of Dâmboviţa to the north, Argeş and Ilfov to the east, Buzau to the south, Braşov and Covasna to the west and Bacău to the north.

The best way to travel to Prahova Sinaia district is by car. If you don’t have a car, you can take a bus or train to get there.

1. Peles Palace: Built in the 19th century, this stunning example of German renaissance architecture is the former summer home of Romania’s first king, Carol I. Its grounds are home to six museums, including the Archaeological Museum, which houses artifacts from prehistoric Sarmizegetusa.

2. Sinaia Monastery: Located in the foothills of the Bucegi Mountains, the Sinaia Monastery is the only active monastery established in the region, founded by prince Mihail Cantacuzino in 1695. The monastery has played an important role in Romanian culture and history and continues to house many religious artifacts, including beautiful frescoes, old manuscripts, and pottery.

3. Sinaia Casino: Constructed in 1912, the Sinaia Casino is one of the oldest casinos in Europe. The building is an impressive example of Neo-Renaissance architecture, with a combination of inside and outside spaces and various sculptures. The casino functioned for only a few decades before it was abandoned. It is now a popular tourist attraction open for visiting throughout the year.

4. Sinaia Train Station: Built in 1872 and restored in 2013, the Sinaia Train Station is as a reminder of the region’s industrial past. The grand building is part of the former Bucovina-Carpathian Railway and is the most popular entrance point in the region.

5. Bucegi Natural Park: Established in 1965, the Bucegi Natural Park is an incredible protected area home to many species of animals, including lynx, chamois, and wild boar, as well as numerous endemic plant species. Home to Râshi Monastery and Babele Chalet, the park is an excellent destination for trekking, sightseeing, and outdoor activities.

1. Peles Castle
2. Sinaia Monastery
3. Sinaia Train Station
4. Sinaia Cable Car
5. Bucegi National Park
6. Cantacuzino Castle
7. Caraiman Cross
8. Sinaia Casino
9. Sinaia City Park
10. Pelisor Castle

The Prahova-Sinaia District is situated in the heart of Romania’s most beautiful mountain area, the Carpathians. This region is popular with both local and international tourists as there are many exciting attractions to explore.

1. Cable Car Ride: A must-do activity in Prahova-Sinaia is to take a cable car ride up the mountain to visit the Peleș Castle and take in the stunning views from 2000 meters above sea level!

2. Hiking and Trekking: Whether you are an experienced trekker or just want to take a leisurely walk up the mountain, the Prahova-Sinaia District has some beautiful trails that lead to breathtaking peaks, grassy meadows, and secret waterfalls.

3. Skiing and Snowboarding: The Prahova-Sinaia District is home to some of the best ski resorts in Romania. With fantastic snow conditions and great facilities, the area is perfect for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts.

4. Visiting Monasteries: This region is steeped in religious history and there are several monasteries you can visit and explore. Two of the most popular are the Sinaia Monastery and the Caraiman Monastery.

5. Shopping: Prahova-Sinaia offers a range of shopping experiences, from traditional markets to designer boutiques. You can also find some great souvenirs to take home.

6. Paragliding: For those with a taste for adventure, paragliding is a popular activity in this region. There are several companies offering paragliding trips and you can even experience the magical sunset from a high altitude.

7. Cycling: Experienced cyclists can take advantage of the amazing panoramic roads and trails in the Prahova-Sinaia area. There are many trails which lead to beautiful hillside villages, deep valleys and fantastic views.

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